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How Different High School Classes Impact Your College Application

High School Classes

When you’re considering what high school classes will serve you best, you have two options: You can seek to simply fulfill the graduation requirements, or you can go above and beyond to choose classes which might be a little more difficult, but are certainly a lot more rewarding. In terms of making yourself a competitive college applicant, one of these options is far superior. Colleges look for applicants who will go the extra mile in their studies,

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Should You Take AP Classes?

take ap classes

As a high school student, it’s time to start thinking about what will come after graduation so that you can begin preparing for your higher education. As you plan your courses,  you might want to consider taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

What is an AP Class? 

AP classes are courses created by College Board and taught by high school teachers during the school day.  They are taught at a college level in terms of difficulty,

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