Summer Camps at Your Favorite Colleges!


We’re all familiar with the traditional basketball, volleyball and other sports camps that consume hours upon hours of summer schedules. But what about educational camps? Although this may not sound like an equally fun activity, students need to consider the benefits of exploring this alternate summer opportunity.


How Do You Get Involved?

College campuses statewide are offering educational summer programs for high school, middle school and elementary age students. Luckily, CFNC provides a College Preparation Opportunities tool, which allows parents and students to search through a database for particular camps. You can complete a general search for all college camps available in North Carolina, or a more specified search depending on grade level, host organization (college) and nature of the camp. Include several key terms in your search to narrow your results for camps you or your child would enjoy. All it takes is one click of the “Start Search” button, and detailed information, such as the dates, cost, contact info, description, etc. will be accessible.


Why Should You Get Involved?

By registering yourself or your child for a North Carolina college summer camp, you are opening a door of opportunity and experience. Campers will have time to explore subjects of interest such as engineering, biology, graphic design and music — and the list continues. From learning to scuba dive near the coast, to practicing your cake decorating or drone skills, your favorite colleges offer camps outside of fundamental school courses, as well.


Of course, there are other benefits besides simply learning something new. Students will also gain a sample of life on a college campus and may even find their perfect match for school when they transition into higher education. Participating in an educational camp may cultivate friendships with those who have the same passion as you, and will keep your mind active during the summer months. When the back-to-school season begins, students will be able to pick up right where they left off, if not a step ahead.


What Are You Waiting For?

If cost is a deciding factor in your summer plans — your worries end here! Many of the college summer camps offer scholarship assistance for students wanting to attend. No need to stress over a huge time commitment, either! Summer camps of all different durations exist to accommodate a range of schedules. Some last 3 to 4 days, some last a week or even several weeks. Camps will often provide daily lunch for their campers, and for those that span a longer period of time, costs may include room and board.


College prep can never start too early! Don’t sit back and let an educational, fun-filled opportunity pass you or your child by. Visit CFNC’s website to learn more about registering for a summer camp at your favorite college.