North Carolina Career and College Promise

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Just as you can’t know what skydiving is like before you try it, it’s difficult to fully understand the demands of college without having experienced them. Advanced high school classes, like AP and baccalaureate courses, can help you prepare for the rigor of college-level work, yet it can still be hard to envision how your environment will change when you leave home for the start of your first semester. North Carolina Career and College Promise (CCP) can help.

What is CCP?

CCP is a standard offering between all community colleges in the state that allows high school students to enroll in college-level courses while they are in their last two years of school. The program is open to students of public schools, private schools and home-school. Students can enroll in in-person or online classes in fields such as biology, English or mathematics. CCP classes are free for high schoolers who qualify and are admitted to the community college, with tuition relief being funded by the state government education budget.

Why is CCP Valuable?

CCP was started as a way of both preparing students for college and allowing them to save money by completing required courses before they entered college. It is a savvy move for high schoolers. High school is the perfect time to test out a college course that interests you, because CCP makes it risk-free and doing well in the course can put you ahead of your peers when you apply. It can also help you clarify your goals for your education and career, since real-life experience can help you find what you actually enjoy.

How Do I Enroll in CCP?

Students must be a junior or senior in high school and meet minimum GPA requirements to take part in CCP. Your first step is to speak with your school counselor about the requirements and your goals for higher education. This will help you discover which courses would fit best with your schedule and your degree goals. Then, you should submit a CCP application to the community college nearest you. This is simply to get the enrollment process started.

NC Career & College Promise is more than an opportunity to get college credits knocked out early. It is an opportunity to try out college-level coursework and see what it takes before you’re thrown headlong into your first semester. So, check out the program and see what your local community college can help you accomplish!