Meet Your Reps: Laura Misner

Laura Misner

Laura Misner is serious when it comes to helping students and families take the necessary steps to make the most of their future. As a seasoned regional representative for College Foundation of North Carolina, Laura has guided many Western North Carolinians on the path towards success.

Laura graduated with a degree in special education from Appalachian State University, in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. After completing her undergraduate degree and cheering on her Mountaineers for four years, Laura decided to relocate to yet another small mountain town to pursue graduate studies. She attended Western Carolina University, focusing her efforts on human resource development as a proud Catamount.

To no surprise, Laura recalls her favorite course during graduate school was career development. She learned a great deal that she continues to apply to her work today and explains, “I had always been passionate about the field, but knew it would become my focus and true calling after that class.”

Before her time at CFNC, Laura worked as a career development coordinator for Asheville City Schools, helping students and their parents make informed decisions about the future. In 2002 she decided she wanted to expand her reach and help make a difference in the lives of even more young adults, which is when she found College Foundation of North Carolina. Laura has now been a regional representative in Western North Carolina for almost 16 years and thanks CFNC for allowing her to help people realize their own path to success with the proper tools and resources.

Laura is extremely passionate about her work as a regional representative and says, “I love my job because each day I get to do something different. One day I might be working with middle school students just starting their self-discovery journeys and the next, doing a financial aid workshop for parents.”

Not only does she help students unlock their full potential, but she even helps families overcome challenging situations when it comes to college planning. Laura remembers the joy she felt when one father broke down in tears after finding out there was financial aid to help his daughter pursue a college degree. Laura also shares, “I’ve been able to connect homeless students to the aid they need to attend college and the resources needed to have a home while they attend school,” humbling and rewarding moments in her career.

We are extremely grateful for the work Laura Misner and all other regional representatives do for the students and families here in North Carolina. If you are a student, parent, school counselor or administrator with any questions regarding planning, applying, or paying for college, please do not hesitate to contact your regional representative. We are here to help! You can also call CFNC at 866-866-CFNC or visit us online at for personalized and informative assistance.