What’s Your Extracurricular Game Plan?

extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are a great way to get the most out of your high school experience! High schools typically offer a variety of extracurricular activities—ranging from sports to music to volunteer clubs. They provide a fun outlet for learning new things and releasing some energy after a long day of learning.

Joining a club, team, or organization also has many long-term benefits. They teach you to interact with others and become comfortable working in a group situation. You may gain leadership or time management experience. And, of course, you’ll increase your knowledge about a personal passion. These are all things that colleges appreciate in a candidate.

To ensure that your experience with your extracurricular activity is fun and successful, use these tips:

Join extracurricular activities early

To get the most out of your experience, join your extracurricular early! Joining in your freshman or sophomore year will allow you to grow in your area of interest over time and foster relationships with other participants. Think about what you might want to join before you get to high school. Research the different clubs and teams that your school offers, and choose one that interests you.

Show commitment

Dedicate yourself to your extracurricular! Whatever you choose to participate in, be sure to give it your all. This, of course, will mean choosing your activities judiciously and not over extending.  Do your best to be at every practice, meeting, or event; your effort will not go unnoticed. Commitment shows maturity, and that will be vital when it comes time to apply for college.

Grow over time

Joining your extracurricular activity early and staying committed will allow you to grow over time. Show progress! Take on a leadership role or participate in a project. Demonstrate that you have improved in some way through your time in your extracurricular, and be sure to emphasize that growth when you are applying to colleges.

Make connections

Be sure to connect with people through your extracurricular. Networking is vital, and extracurricular activities are great ways to meet new and influential people. Coaches, faculty advisors and mentors are great people to turn to when you need a letter of recommendation, so be sure to foster a great relationship with them!

Committing to your extracurricular activities can turn a good college application into a great one. Not only that, it’s a great way to have fun! For more information on how to prepare for your college applications, visit the College Foundation of North Carolina’s  website.