Have You Considered Attending North Carolina Community Colleges?

There are many goals to pursue and avenues to take upon graduating high school. It’s a good idea to learn about all your options, and North Carolina’s 58 community colleges offer a great path for many students.  A community college can be beneficial for your wallet, grades and school-life balance.

Save Money

The cost of tuition can be overwhelming for students who are pursuing higher education. North Carolina community colleges’ tuitions are generally much lower than the standard four-year university. In addition, many students also opt to live at home and save on the cost of room and board.

Although some some students use community college as a stepping stone before transferring to complete a bachelor’s degree, it is true that many two-year degrees can lead to higher career earning potential.

Maintain a Healthy School-Life Balance

According to US News, 60 percent of community college students attend school part time. For students who have other responsibilities, such as a job, children or family commitments, the flexible schedule is ideal. There are evening and online classes specifically designed to accommodate students’ busy lives. There are also typically professional certifications that those in the work force can take advantage of during nights and weekends. These extra classes and certifications can help take their careers to the next level.

Enjoy Academic Flexibility

Community college is a great segue into the world of higher academics. The class sizes are often smaller, and you typically will receive more individualized attention. If you are unsure of what career path is right for you, community college will give you a chance to explore new subjects and think about your long-term goals, all while saving money and moving forward with your education.

Explore the New Co-Admission Programs

If you are interested in starting your college education at a community college and transferring to a four-year school, you may want to look into two new programs offering co-admission. A few NC schools have launched new co-admission programs that involve arrangements between local community colleges and state universities, allowing qualified applicants to be admitted to both schools and transfer after completing certain coursework and meeting other requirements. Check out UNC-G co-admissions programs with Guilford Technical Community College, Alamance Community College, and Rockingham Community College and the UNC Pembroke program with Robeson Community College.

North Carolina community colleges are a terrific resource for students of all circumstances and ages. The challenging, college-level courses require critical thinking and hard work, while still accommodating students’ busy schedules. Find a community college near you and get started today!

For more information on how to plan, apply and pay for college —all types of colleges —visit College Foundation of North Carolina ‘s website at CFNC.org and learn more about the NC Community College Grant Program, which helps many students attend college debt-free!