College Prep Starts Early

If you really want to prepare your kids for college, starting them young – like when they are babies or in kindergarten – isn’t crazy. There’s a reason some parents stress over getting their children into the best pre-schools and making sure they read to their kids in the womb. You want to set up a love for learning and a strong educational foundation, so there’s never any doubt that your child will go to college.

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Have You Considered Attending North Carolina Community Colleges?

There are many goals to pursue and avenues to take upon graduating high school. It’s a good idea to learn about all your options, and North Carolina’s 58 community colleges offer a great path for many students.  A community college can be beneficial for your wallet, grades and school-life balance.

Save Money

The cost of tuition can be overwhelming for students who are pursuing higher education. North Carolina community colleges’ tuitions are generally much lower than the standard four-year university.

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Why Bother Going to College?

Transitioning from high school to college can feel overwhelming, but in the long run it is a worthwhile and tremendously rewarding endeavor. Beyond learning new and interesting material in classes, pursuing a college degree can open all kinds of doors for students as they experience professional, social and personal growth.

Set Yourself Up for Professional Success

In most careers, having a college degree will give you a leg up and put you on the fast track to promotions,

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How CFNC Helps Plan for College – and Life

Planning for college can be tremendously overwhelming. As students work toward their goal of higher education, there are countless factors to consider. Finding the right college, choosing a major and planning out your path can be tough, but luckily College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) is available as a tremendous resource for North Carolina students.

Find the Right College for You

For students who are unsure where to begin,

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10 Questions to Unlock Your Future

Whether you are wrapping up your freshman year or taking your final lap as a senior, the same daunting question appears time and time again— “what do you want to do?” For some the answer is simple, as they’ve known since they were children, playing doctor or teacher with their stuffed animals. For many others, even the slightest idea of thinking past third block, let alone pondering future career paths is totally overwhelming.

While you don’t need to know all the answers about your future,

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How to Prepare For a College Fair

A college fair is an event where college admission representatives gather to talk with potential future students. The representatives can provide information on their school and answer any questions you may have. Attending college fairs can be an incredibly helpful stepping stone for students who are working towards the goal of higher education. At these events, you should come prepared to make the most of it.

Dress with Confidence

The first step to success is to feel confident in yourself.

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