future-2We all like to dream about the future. But in addition to dreams, a promising future takes planning. By understanding your talents and what you want from a career, you can plan ahead.

For many jobs, a big part of that plan is an education. A college or training program will help start you on the road to success. In some cases, it will even be required for the career you’ve chosen. By choosing the right majors, training programs, and internships, you can not only test out your career choice but also get a head start.

NC Career and College Promise offers eligible high school students an opportunity to begin their two- or four-year college work with a tuition-free program for workplace and college preparation.

Visit the Exploring Careers page for more tips and resources for career and college planning.

At CFNC, we have put together an overview of your education options and how they will lead you to a rewarding career. Download Exploring Careers as a pdf and check out the Plan For Careers section of

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