10 Questions to Unlock Your Future

Whether you are wrapping up your freshman year or taking your final lap as a senior, the same daunting question appears time and time again— “what do you want to do?” For some the answer is simple, as they’ve known since they were children, playing doctor or teacher with their stuffed animals. For many others, even the slightest idea of thinking past third block, let alone pondering future career paths is totally overwhelming.

While you don’t need to know all the answers about your future, having a general idea or direction is a smart move. CFNC knows it’s not always so easy to answer to big question, so here are 10 less painful questions to help you discover your interests and where you’d like them to take you.    

When it comes to exploring career options, CFNC has various resources to help you find, compare, and plan for your future. What better time to sit down and give considerable thought to these questions than the new year? Log in or create a CFNC account and make it your resolution to take a look at the bigger picture —after all your future begins with you!